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  • Manufacturing Standard:
    API 6D I BS 5351 / BS 5159
  • Inspection & Testing:
    BS 6755/ API 598
  • Material of Construction:
    Cast Iron /WCB/WC5/WC6/WC9/ CF8 I CF8M I CF3 I CF3M 4A/5A & other special exotic Alloys.
  • Seat Seals:
    PTFE/RPTFE/GFT/PEEK /Metal to Metal
  • End Connections:
    Screwed to BSP / BSPT / NPT Socked Weld / Butt Weld with extended Nipple Flanged Ends / Butt Weld Ends/FF/RF/RTJ.
  • Pressure Rating:
    125# / 150# / 300# / 600# / 900# / 1500# / 2500#
  • Operation:
    Lever / Gear / Electrical Actuator Pneumatic Rotary Actuator
  • Size Range:
    8mm to 1000mm

Note : Also Available in RB/ FB/ L Port / T Port

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Custom Ball Valve Latest Price, Manufacturers & Suppliers

Ball Valves Exporter

The valves which posses a ball like structure that is used for controlling the flow of valves are known as the ball valves. We make use of the best quality raw materials for manufacturing these types of valves. We possess a great experience in manufacturing and supplying the widest range of valves.
The best quality Ball Valves in Ahmedabad is provided by our company. The valves provided by us are known for their quality in the national and international market. The entire range is manufactured as per the international standards, hence they can be easily used worldwide. Besides this after passing the strict quality they are supplied and exported worldwide. The superior quality of Ball Valves Manufacturer in India is provided by us.

The features of the Ball Valves provided by us are as follows-
• Superior quality
• High grade material
• Wide range availability
• Smooth finish
• Well defined edges
• Easy customization
• Non corrosive body
• Longer shelf life
A wider range of Ball valves is provided by us that also at affordable prices. We are also providing the facility of customization where these valves are designed as per the customer requirements. You can communicate us for more details.


Instrument Ball Valves Supplier

The valves possess a ball like structure which is rotating inside the valve and the movement of these valves is controlled by the movement of this ball and that why this valves called as Ball Valves. This valve can easily liquid or gas and can be kept fully closed for no transmission of the product and partially or fully opened for the transmission of the products. The flow can be controlled by the amount of valve opening. Besides this ball valve can be operated manually, automatically by using electric or pneumatic system.
High Pressure Equipment offers two styles of ball valves (free floating and trunion) to provide effective shut-off of liquid or gas flow. Two-way ball valves offer complete shut-off with a convenient 1/4 turn. Valve actuators are available for remote control of Fluid-o-Mech Controls Inc ball valves. Virtually all metal components are stainless steel to insure consistent operation under even the most severe applications. Teflon packing provides reliable leak-free service up to 400°F. Other packings, including Polypak and Grafoil are available upon request for high ratings.
2-Way, 3-Way Female Ball Valves
Size :- 1/4″to 2″o.d or NPT, BSPP Female or male thread ends.
Material :- stainless steel, s.s304, s.s316
Working pressure:- 1000PSI, 3000PSI, 6000PSI.10000PSI
Standard Test : Each valve is factory tested with nitrogen at 1000 psig (69 bar) for leakage at the seat and packing, the maximum allowable leak rate of 0.1 SCCM.
Optional Hydro static test : This test is performed with de ionized water at 2 times the working pressure. Other Tests like vibration, temperatures, helium etc are available upon requests.

Technical Details
• Design : Square Body & Round Body
• Rating : 3000psi to 6000psi And 10000psi @ 120°C
• Connection : BSP, NPT, BSPT, UNF & Other Thread on Request
• Seat Packing : PTFE & PEEK
• Stem Packing : ‘O’ ring (NBR, Viton & FPM)
• Size : 1/4” to 2”
• Connections : Screwed
• Body Type : Bar Stock & Forged Steel
• Material : SS, CS and Other Material on Request
• Two way on-off, 2 Way or 3 way switching models.
• Blow-Out Proof Bottom Loaded stem.
• Low operating torque with SS/MS lever.
• Full or reduced Bore for Perfect Flow.
• Floating ball design for positive seating.
• Working Pressure from 1000 PSI to 14000 PSI.
• With PTFE or PEEK seat.

Ball valves feature a ball body, a ball, a port, seats, a stem, packing, a bonnet, and an actuator.
The body is a pressure vessel. It holds the flow control components, such as the ball. It is also the means by which operators can connect multiple pieces of tubing or pipe.
The ball is hollow, pivoting, and perforated.
The port is a hole that is bored through the middle of the valve.
Seats are round disks used to create a seal between the body and the ball.
The stem is a shaft. It helps the ball rotate by connecting it to the outside of the valve.
Packing consists of a number of flexible seals that are packed in around the shaft so that the valve does not leak.
The bonnet is a section of the body that contains the packing and the stem.
The actuator, sometimes called the operator, is a device such as a lever handle. The valve and actuator work together to rotate the valve stem. When the handle lies flat in alignment, the valve is open and when the handle sits at a perpendicular position, the valve is closed.
1 – Ball valves are chosen for an application based on their qualities. First, customers must choose between two primary design options: trunnion and floating ball.
2- Trunnion ball valves use additional mechanisms to anchor the ball to a certain spot, where they serve larger and higher-pressure valve applications. They are costlier than floating ball valves.
3- Floating ball valves, or float ball valves, use a non-anchored ball that drifts into place or floats slightly downstream into the seat, providing a tight seal.
4- Another consideration customers may take into account is whether the valve is motorized, actuated, or manual.
Motorized ball valves, per their name, use a motor to open and close itself.
5- Actuated ball valves operate with the help of an actuator that, while sitting on top of the valve, supplies force and motion. Using an actuator, the valve may be controlled either automatically or manually via a remote. The handle of trunnion ball valves, which rotates the ball at a one-quarter turn, may be any three of these.
6- Customers may also choose between a few other types of ball valves, such as flanged ball valves, multiport ball valves and high-pressure ball valves.
7- Flanged ball valves feature outside edges that are raised into a flange, with holes placed in alignment with the piping system in which the valve will be placed. Flanged ball valves are valued for their simplicity and the ease with which they can be installed or removed from a piping system.
8- Multiport ball valves, such as 3-way and 4-way ball valves, have multiple ports through which flow passes. The way that the flow comes in an inlet and exits one or more outlets is controlled by both the handle rotation and the shape of the inlet port.
Two-way ball valves usually have two ports.
9- Three-way ball valves usually have T or L shaped ports.
10- Four-way ball valves usually have two L shaped ports.
11- High pressure ball valves are those ball valves that are able to control both high and low flow applications with high temperature and pressure ratings, up to around 14000 psi.

Exporters of Tank Bottom Ball Valve in India, OMAN, SAUDI,EGYPT, UAE, Manufacturers of Butterfly Ball Valve, Hydraulic ball valve Stockist in Gujarat, Ahmedabad

We are Huge Suppliers of 4 way, 2 way, 3 way ball valve across Globe. There are two types of Ball Valve Manufacturers in India such as two piece and three piece. This two piece ball valve, comes in the standard version (which are standard weight and dimensions) and the compact version (which are lighter in weight, smaller dimensions). A three piece ball valve Manufacturers in Gujarat, Ahmedabad design allows for the valve body to be easily removed from the pipeline while the threaded ends of the valve remain attached to the pipe.

We deliver high quality Pneumatic Ball Valve at Lowest Market Price, we are one of the dedicated supplier & trader of Ball Valves Actuator in OMAN, saudi,EGYPT, UAE, India. Make an enquiry for Tank Bottom Ball Valve to check types & sizes because if your type, thread, grade and size matches with our huge inventory we can give you at reasonable cost of Butterfly Ball Valves.

Table of Content

  • What is Ball Valve ?
  • Stainless Steel Ball Valves Specification
  • Types Ball Valve Manufacturers in India
    • Ball Valve 3000 Psi
    • Ball Valve 6000 Psi
    • Non Retention Ball Valve
    • 4 Way Ball Valve
    • Ball Valve Male X Female 6000 Psi
    • Panel Ball Valve
    • 2 Way Ball Valve
    • Ball Valve Compression Tube Double Ferrule 3000 Psi
    • 3 Way Compression Ball Valve
    • Ball Valve Tube X Female
    • Ball Valve Tube X Male
    • Ball Valve Male X Male 3000 Psi
    • Ball Valve Compression Tube Double Ferrule 6000 Psi
    • Hydraulic Ball Valve
    • Ball Check Valve
    • Electric Ball Valve
    • Flagged Ball Valve
    • Threaded Ball Valve
    • Tank Bottom Ball Valve
    • Butterfly Ball Valve
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  • Stainless Steel Ball Valve Material List
  • Pneumatic Ball Valve Manufacturer
  • Pneumatic Ball Valve Exporter
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