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Fluido launched as a small company, has a will to succeed and has a strong drive to make it happen. Fluido at initial stage started promoting industrial piping products in the export & domestic.

Fluido is an expertise manufacturer of industrial piping products that include valves, strainers and filters.

The products we manufacture are a wide range of strainers, filter, valves, Gate, Sluice, Globe, Check, Ball, Air, Forged Steel, butterfly, Strainers in various materials of construction as Cast Steel, Forged Steel, Alloy steel, and size ranging from ½” to 36 ” class 125 to class 1500.

Professional Support

100% Customer Satisfaction

We shall endeavour to provide effective and prompt product and service so as to achieve total customer satisfaction at all times.

Legal & Transparent

We shall abide by statutory and legal regulations while carrying out our activities.We commit ourselves for fair play, transparency and sincere endeavour for the promotion and growth.

Client Support

The office located in Ahmedabad & Mumbai is well equipped and fully automated with proper communication networking System.

Great Ideas

Our well qualified marketing/production personnel’s with back up from experienced professionals in various case studies of market will lead you to achieve your desired goals in a very short span.
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